Potluck Dinners and Plasticware

Where should the condiments and plasticware go?

The Problem

I go to many potlucks throughout the year, and it always amazes me that no matter how many times I hear someone complaining about the cost of putting on an event and my suggestions on how they can improve the smallest things, one easy thing to do never changes: the condiments and plasticware are placed at the start of the line, well before guests know what they’ll be getting, and requiring them to juggle everything while choosing their food.

The Solution

At one company’s cafeterias that I eat at each day, the condiments, napkins, and plasticware are all placed after the checkout stands.  Not only does this ensure that people only get what they need, it also helps them keep their hands free while choosing their food.

If a Fortune 5 company sees the wisdom in saving money by preventing throwing away an unused spoon, shouldn’t others follow suit?


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