Who Wins Between Yellow Street And Red Traffic Lights?

Street Lights Should Not Compete With Traffic Lights On North First Street in San Jose, CA

The Problem

In San Jose, CA, and many other cities, white street lights have been replaced with yellow street lights in an attempt to reduce light pollution.  While a noble cause, perhaps the departments in charge of this should have driven this route at night.

As you’re driving along North First Street in San Jose, the street lights appear in practically the same spots as the traffic lights from various perspectives, and there are points where a yellow street light is far more visible than the relatively close-by red traffic light.  Thankfully, I’ve never had an accident in that area, but I’ve seen a good number of drivers speed through a very stale red light.

The Solution

While it’s expensive and time consuming to make any change to city streets, hopefully the city of San Jose, CA, will examine the night driving conditions on North First Street and reconsider the placement of some of their street lights.  In the meantime, please be extra alert while driving, and let the city know about your observations, too.


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