Electric Cars—Charging Takes Too Long!

Charging Stations May Be Getting Better, But Why Do We Need Them?

The Problem

I like the idea of having an electric car, but the amount of time currently required to recharge one takes a long time compared to the amount of time filling up a gas vehicle, especially on a long road trip.

The Solution

Solar energy technology has become more commonplace in homes and businesses, and once incorporated into electric and hybrid vehicles, battery recharging could be supplemented to delay full recharging or possibly even eliminated in more sunny locales.  When solar power is used, a car’s energy storage and production could also be distributed throughout the vehicle—the entire car essentially becomes a battery—freeing up more room for personal storage and safety features.  And who loves getting into a hot car in summer or a cold car in winter?  Car manufacturers should also utilize the abundant solar energy to keep our cars at a comfortable temperature even while parked—many in Phoenix would love to take advantage of the Valley of the Sun’s abundant resource.

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